About Yongelee

My journey begins in Q1 2012 on campus at Ryerson University. I, a young man, am lost, thinking about my career, thinking about my future. I’m studying psychology but I have no intentions of becoming a doctor or therapist.

I'm walking through Jorgenson Hall.

In the corner of my eye I see a banner for Seneca College advertising to lost souls and a desk set up with a man looking bored. There is no one else around, the only two souls on that floor are us.

I walk past the set-up, barely noticing that it’s there.

In my mind I think to myself, “Wait a minute, I’m looking for something to do with my life, I may as well talk with the man?”

I head over to the stall and acknowledge the bored man’s existence.

He asks me what I’m looking for.

I tell him I’m looking for a job.

He lights up, like now he has a reason to be there.

“Well one industry that didn’t get hurt by the recession in 2008 was the IT industry, it even grew during the recession.”

My mind activates, this makes so much sense. I could totally work in technology.

He hands me a pamphlet about Seneca’s courses. I thank the man and walk away with a new sense of possibilities, a new sense of hope.

At home I read through the pamphlet and the words “Software Development” pop up at me. At that moment I decided I was going to be a software developer and my journey of learning to code and building applications began.

Today I am now a specialist with modern web development tools, particularity with Node and React and everything surrounding those two tools.

My dream is to own multiple businesses that are operated online with a globally distributed team.

My current goal is to simply get paid to write code remotely. This enables many other opportunities in life such as traveling the world, building other skill sets, working on other creative ventures, and meeting great people.

If this sounds great to you and you’re interested in working with me either as a partner or employer, I’m always open to new opportunities!

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