Hi I'm Yongelee.

I'm a web developer specializing with React and Node.

My tools of choice:








About me:

Hi there! I’m a creative, open minded, non-conformist who loves to create and explore the world. I’m constantly looking for new things to learn, to experience, to try out and see with my own eyes.

At the moment, the world of coding, startups, future & present technology, and travel is what captivates my attention the most.

To learn more about me and how my journey began in 2012 after a fateful encounter with a stranger click below…

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Work & Portfolio:

Check out my Github for links to some code and projects I've worked on.

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Blog & Articles:

Check out my Medium blog where I post my writings about web development, startups, UI/UX, and more!

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My Services:

I have a particular set of services...these include:

  • Full stack development with Javascript.
  • Technical consultation about web development, hiring coders, and implementation of ideas.
  • Personalized curriculum development for becoming skilled at modern web development, freelancing or starting a software business.
  • More services depending on your needs, contact me!

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